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The truth is, comparing the works of MC Abraham, Esther Nyamekye, Tagoe Sisters, Pastor Joe Bechem, Getty and Friends, et al. to the songs produced by our current crop of musicians who call themselves Gospel musicians will make you shed uncontrollable tears.

These days, songs produced as Gospel songs are nothing but empty – it carries no inspiration and religious weight; therefore, we are not surprised that Yaw Sarpong who has been in the industry for a long time has envisaged that songs churned out by these new Gospel musicians are nothing but noise.

Joining this discussion, Yaw Sarpong noted that the current crop of gospel musicians rush to record their songs. “Songs released by current gospel artistes are all noisy,” Yaw Sarpong said in an interview with DJ on Happy FM.

“Most of these artistes don’t have patience when recording their songs. They quickly want to get everything done so they can release and launch immediately.

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“I feel their challenge is that most of them actually have good storylines that will impact lives but how to put the lines together and make the song sound great is their problem,” Yaw Sarpong added.

If they are to have patience and put some things in place, he believes, “This will prevent them from releasing noisy songs.”

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