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8th Gold Fields PGA Golf Championship tees off

44 professional golfers will partake in the tournament 44 professional golfers will partake in the tournament

The 8th Edition of the annual Gold Fields PGA Golf Championship Tees Off Today December 1 (Wednesday) at the Damang Golf Course, in Tarkwa, Western Region.

This year’s championship sees 44 professionals and Senior Golfers competing against the course in the four-day event which ends on Saturday December 4.

All the golfers are having a bright start with some buoyance in their displays as they hope on finishing every round with good scores.

Last year’s winner Lucky Ayisah is very much hoping to defend his trophy after clinching it for the first time.

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Emos Koblah, Kojo Barnie, Vincent Torgah who have all won the championship in previous editions are seeking to bounce back to grabbing the 8th edition.

Organizing committee chairman of the championship Mr. Hans Johannes De Beer expresses his delight in organizing the championship despite Covid-19.

‘It is a tough one in a long year and it’s nice to be able to host this tournament again especially this news of new omicron COVID-19 would have stopped everything but here we are again.

Professional golfers can’t just depend on just one good tournament in a whole year but more is required to help these Golfers with tournaments.

On behalf of Mr. Alfred Baku who will join on Friday blesses you all with a good and successful tournament.

It’s not an easy journey for all of you throughout your qualifiers to get here so I am wishing you the very best of luck.

Last year’s winner Luck Ayisah is much more encouraged to defend his title likewise all golfers here looking at winning this edition.’’

Newly elected Professional Golfers Association (PGA) president Mark Coffie appreciated his new position and hints on what members should expect from him.

‘When it comes to Golf, I am all about excellence and I thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to lead.

I assure you. I will give out my utmost and sincerest support for Golf but as you know it is a two-way stream.

‘We will do our best to provide the necessary environment for Golf to flourish but it also depends on you golfers to also ensure discipline and professionalism to make sure you guys (Golf players) carry on the torch going forward.

‘To my predecessor who just passed on, let’s play this Championship in his honour. May our legacies live on forever.

Prize money for the regulars’ winner is GHS 40,000.00 whilst GHS 10,000 will be handed to winner of the senior category.

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