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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Sugar daddy runs for his life after side chic tried to do a Tik Tok video with him

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A sugar daddy we believe is currently thinking of a reasonable excuse to give to his wife after he was captured in a Tik Tok video by his alleged side chick.

The sugar daddy and the young lady who could have been his granddaughter were having a good time by the pool.

The lady decided to shoot a video while they were having fun, much like the youth of this generation do.

The sugar daddy came out of the water to lovingly play with the lady while she was doing the TikTok video.

The sugar daddy with his potbelly jumped out when he realized it was a video.

Watch the video below:

Check out some reactions from netizens

@ogbelejechikej1: “This shit is funny. The man’s reaction. This video may be causing serious family problem as we speak. These girls no go kee person.”

@Morris_Monye: “I can’t imagine being that old and one young girl will tap me like that. She will receive “konk” on the head She will see guys like 10yrs older than her and call them “small boy” because she’s been with baba”

@Django0072: “Now he has to explain to mummy kwasi,how he ended up on tiktok”

@BAS3D_Alchemist: “How she wan even respect future hubby sef when she don use her papa age mate play..”

@onyibueze2002: “Who else noticed it was only girls at the background in swimming suits. Also, most of them had undeveloped breasts. They probably are all minors.”

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