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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Remove e-levy on momo transactions, banking services – Ghanaians to government

The electronic levy would put more burden on Ghanaians

Rejecting the 2022 budget was a good move, say Ghanaians

Parliamentarians were acting in the interest of Ghanaians

Some Ghanaians have welcomed the rejection of the 2022 budget, saying the e-levy will further worsen the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian because they would be made to pay more taxes.

Speaking with GhanaWeb TV, they shared that, citizens are faced with a lot of economic challenges and are already burdened with so many taxes thus, adding the e-levy will make life difficult for them.

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“Rejecting the budget was a good move on the part of parliament, whatever we do now, we do through mobile money, almost all of us use Momo, the e-levy would have hurt we Ghanaians a lot, they say they want the betterment of the Ghanaian people so whatever they have to do to suit we Ghanaians is what they should do”, one Ghanaian said.

According to one other lady, the introduction of the e-levy will prevent a lot of people from using mobile money or banking services and they will resort to keeping their money at home and this will affect the digitization move being implemented by the government.

“The electronic levy would be too much for Ghanaians to pay, I think it will be too much burden for them, there should be other ways they can get their money, from all the taxes we have been paying. The levy should be taken out because it is going to affect a lot of things, people would not want to use Momo again and that wouldn’t help because we the youth of the country are already suffering and now, they want to add more taxes to it,” she said.

To some citizens, rejecting the budget was a good decision taken by parliamentarians because they were aware of the impact the e-levy would have on Ghanaians and therefore, they acted in the interest of Ghanaians.

“Rejecting the budget would even help for the leaders to restructure the whole thing because looking at the economy right now, things are not moving well, so for opposition to reject it, I think it is a good step to help other structures to work as well,” another mentioned.

Watch the interview with some Ghanaians below:

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