Expect More Fake News & Insecurity Claims – NPP

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

The ruling New Patriotic Party is alerting the public that with only a week to go for the general election, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will be throwing in a lot of fake news and create a perception that there is insecurity in the country.

According to the NPP, their opponents the NDC are bent on sowing seed of discord in the country for their electoral benefit ahead of December 7.

Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah said in a news release yesterday that “there is credible information of impending fake and doctored audios, documents and videos aimed at confusing the Ghanaian public ahead of the vote.

“We are aware of materials that have been produced locally and internationally to be churned out this week in a final desperate attempt to create panic and insecurity as well in the days ahead of the election. It is all because some elements have realized their campaigns for the election have flopped and seek to revert to the politics of scandal fabrication with a hope to attack the credibility of front-runner candidates.”

The minister called on the Ghanaian media “to be exceptionally circumspect in the final week and not just give any bare allegation airtime and print space, saying, “If you do so, you will end up being pawns in the hands of local and international elements that want to negatively affect Ghana’s democracy and elections.”

The minister also expressed disappointment that the former President, John Mahama, had chosen to attack state security agencies with mere allegations and no evidence, just with the hope of whipping up anti-government sentiments.

Mr. Mahama recently accused the National Security apparatus of being responsible for the criminal activities of supposed secessionists in the Volta Region.

“For a former Commander-in-Chief to desperately stoop this low and attack the security agencies without providing any evidence is so disappointing. If he has any credible evidence to back his claims, the responsible thing to do is to put this out and not just by merely mouth suspicions.”

The Information Minister also warned miscreants who were being recruited to attack planned walks and demonstrations this week, to be wary as the country’s security agencies had been already alerted and would deal ruthlessly with such persons.



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