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‘I hate my engagement ring

wedding ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner can be tricky and more couples are starting to make the process a joint affair so that both parties can have some input.

But one woman on Reddit has been left upset after she told her fiancé exactly what she wanted from an engagement ring – and he went out and bought something completely different.

The woman explained she didn’t want a small ring because of the size of her fingers and so had told her partner to look for a moissanite gem as it would be cheaper than a large diamond.

She also gave her husband-to-be her ring size so the jewellery would fit, but the ring she received wasn’t up to scratch.

A close up shot of a woman's hand with an engagement ring on her ring finger. It is a small ring with one diamond in the middle.
She was branded ‘ungrateful’ for wanting to swap the ring for something else (stock image) ( Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
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The woman wrote: “I told him my ring size which is an 8. I do like slightly bigger diamonds because have chunkier fingers and I feel like small diamonds kind of get lost on my chubby hands.

“I know real diamonds the size I wanted would be way too expensive so I looked into moissanite and found beautiful rings – so I even told him I didn’t want expensive real diamonds, I just wanted moissanite in order to get a bigger rock that was my style.

“Skip to the engagement day, it was overall really beautiful and I obviously said yes. But when he went to put the ring on, the ring itself was too small… it fit but it made my finger look like the Michelin man and it was the complete opposite of everything I showed him.”

While the woman had asked for a “simple minimal band”, her partner had presented her with a vintage ring that was “very busy” with a “really small” diamond in the centre.

She added: “I still said the ring was pretty, but I obviously wasn’t elated or beaming with happiness over it. I was actually pretty hurt he didn’t listen to anything I told him and thought he didn’t care.”

The bride-to-be confronted her partner a few days later and discovered it was actually his mum and grandma that had helped him pick out the ring – and he was furious at the woman for being “ungrateful”.

The woman added: “After about a week I decided to open up to him about everything and he got really mad.

“I asked him why he bought this specific ring knowing what I liked? He said it was the ring his mum and grandma helped him pick out and because they said the ring was nice.

“I asked how much the ring cost and it was way more than the moissanite rings I showed him. I asked him if he could take the ring and return it and we just buy the one I liked which was much cheaper. He’s still so mad at me saying how ungrateful and spoiled I am, and he hasn’t even tried to return the ring.”

The woman clarified the ring she was given was not a family heirloom and said she’s only upset about the situation because she feels as though her partner didn’t take her feelings into account when shopping for her ring.

She said: “I know it’s such a dumb situation over a ring, but it really hurts me and makes me feel like he didn’t take into consideration anything I told him about what I like.

“I know it’s just a ring, but it’s a ring I’m going to have and stare at for the rest of my life. And it doesn’t feel like me at all.”

And commenters on Reddit were quick to defend the woman, insisting it was a bad start to their life together if her partner was unwilling to listen to her preferences.

One person wrote: “This does not bode well for the marriage. He doesn’t listen to you, gives his mum/grandma’s opinions more weight than yours, and gets mad when you point these things out.”

While another agreed, adding: “Your fiancé is failing at respecting your opinion. Then he dismisses your concerns and gets angry. Not good at all because this won’t be the last time he does this.”

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