GHPL: Hearts of Oak players to earn $1000 as monthly wages

Frederick Moore

Frederick Moore has confirmed that Accra Hearst of Oak will soon roll out a policy that will see Hearts of Oak players taking home a minimum of a 1,000 USD.

The poor remuneration in the local league has forced many players to leave the shores of the country to seek for greener pastures elsewhere. 

According to Mr Moore, who is the Managing Director of the club, the club is putting in place structures to enable them to become self-sufficient which will eventually translate into decent remuneration.

“One of the first things my chairman said to me among other things was that we should aim to raise the minimum salary in the next few years to a 1,000 USD and we are working towards that,” he told Joy Sports.


“That’s where we want to go.

“We have Covid which has set us back but that should not deter us.

“We have spent a large amount of money and all of it has come from our chairman who has been our bankroller for the last 10 years,” he added.

Hearts of Oak will play Inter Allies in their matchday 3 fixture of the Ghana Premier League.

The National Chapters Committee of the club recently launched the Monthly Dues Payment scheme for the club.


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