Social media reactions after Funny Face rendered an apology to baby mama and family

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Social media is currently buzzing following the news that Funny Face has remorsefully apologized to his baby mama, Ama Vanessa he some time ago without mincing words insulted.

A few hours ago, comic actor Funny Face via a lengthy post on social media has rendered an apology to Ama Vanessa, her mother, father, other family members and Ghanaians.

According to the post, the comedian he seeks the mercy and forgiveness of his baby mama, and parents over the words he used against them when the issue popped on online.

Knowing well he’s made a big mistake, Funny Face stated that he is ready to accept all blame and faults of the family; thus ready to carry the cross of public backlash and insults.

The father of twins further indicated that is because of the twin baby girls that have made him apologize and come back for them.

He loved them so much, he said; “Let’s build the family, even though we are angry at each other, the beautiful kids don’t deserve this”, a part of his post reads.


Funny Face apology post

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Following this, some netizens have reacted. Ghpage has accumulated reactions after Funny Face rendered an apology to baby mama and family, Read below;

Teye Akwerteh: “This guy is just like the corrupt Akuffo Addo…… he can NEVER be trusted”.

Jamez Moni: “The harm has already been caused . Better go delete those videos and also the bloggers pay them to delete it all . A Fool at Forty ?”.

Aisha Ibrahim: “Kwasia boy you want to chop her again so that you will foolisly write it on Facebook”.

Vida Amankwa: “Madness paaani ,if this girl return to this mad man paaaa ,she will be the useless girl I have ever come across”.

Magdalene Potakey: “Vanessa father came down because of u ,now u Dey fear????…u see say the father be hardcore…if his father was not a tough man ,u won’t apologize”.

Sha Rhee Pha: “He’s planning on giving her number 4 since she just gave birth to number 3. It’s a trap sister”.

Abena Chrystal: “Go to their home and kneel down to beg the lady’s mom more especially. God used that family to wipe your one minute shame and blessed you with 3 beautiful girls”.


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