Quick-thinking neighbour saves boy falling from 13th floor

By Staff Reporter 1h ago

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China – Neighbours and firefighters rescued a two-year-old boy on Sunday evening in a residential district of Hefei City, east China’s Anhui Province as he was falling off a tall building from the 13th floor.

Luckily the falling boy was blocked and stuck by the wire mesh of the burglary-resisting window on the 12th floor. Upon noticing a boy hanging and stuck in the window of his balcony, the neighbour rushed to the rescue. And his wife immediately called the police for help.

Without hesitation, the neighbour rushed to the window and grabbed the child’s hands tightly. After holding on for about 10 minutes, the firefighters arrived at the flat. They used special cutting pliers to cut and break the wires and steel tube of the anti-theft window and finally succeeded in carrying the boy inside the house.

According to the host of the family, the incident took place at 10pm on Sunday. The boy lived on the 13th floor with his parents. His father was out to handle affairs after the boy fell asleep. However, the child woke up before the parent got back home and climbed out of the bedroom. Thanks to help of his neighbours living on the 12th floor, the boy avoided a tragedy.



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