No pants at parties and other bizarre laws from across Africa

By Chad Williams 42m ago

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Cape Town – People are arrested every day for breaking the law in Africa, but there are countries known to have some unusual laws, leaving outsiders thinking twice before getting on the wrong side of the authorities.

Here are some of the more unusual ways you can get arrested around Africa.

In Morocco, it’s okay to have Bibles in all other languages except Arabic. This is seen as undermining Islam. In the same way, you can be arrested for trying to convert an Islamic Moroccan to Christianity, according to The Travel Brief website.

In 2017 in Sudan, charges of indecency were dropped against 24 women who were caught wearing trousers at a party near the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. If convicted, the women could have faced punishment of 40 lashes and a fine for wearing “an obscene outfit”, reported the BBC.

In Egypt, you can be arrested for photographing electricity stations, train stations and bridges. According to the publication Egyptian Streets, it is illegal in Egypt to use binoculars or take photographs near an airport.

According to Nigerian media outlet Pulse, in Nairobi, Kenya, spitting or blowing your nose on any footpath in public is illegal, except in a suitable cloth or tissue. It is also against the law to pick your nose in public.

In Zambia, it is illegal to send nude photographs to your significant other. According to the website Culture Trip, sexting, which may be seen as harmless by some, is deemed pornography in Zambia and carries a hefty fine or jail time.

African News Agency (ANA)


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