“Marriages do not last because couples think only about sex and not friendship” 

Marriages don’t last because when you are going out on a first date all you are thinking about is sex – Majid Michel

Celebrated Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has shared his view on why the institution of marriage does not last in recent times.

According to Majid, marriages are falling apart because, on the first date, partners have sex on their minds. In effect, he is saying that the foundation of any marriage that is built on sex, can not last.


Majid Michel who has been married for the past 15 years shared these thoughts on his Instagram timeline where he strongly opined that marriage thrives on good communication and partners who bond together. Therefore, sex alone does not and can not hold a marriage together.

Majid Michel said: “interviewer: So Majid why do you think relationships and even marriages don’t last? Majid: well, if you are going out on a first date and all you are thinking about is sex, therein lies the problem. People don’t know how to have a relationship outside of just a sexual relationship. they don’t know how to talk to a person, they don’t know how to be friends. and this is the reason a lot of relationships and marriages are breaking down.”


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