“Compensate Your Wife With A Car And Go For Mental Screening”

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Ghanaians on social media have advised comic actor Funny Face to compensate his baby Mama Vanessa and her family for disgracing them on social media after he rendered an unqualified apology to them.

Few hours ago, Funny Face in a lengthy post on Instagram  rendered an apology to Ama Vanessa, her mother, father, other family members he had verbally abused. In the post, Funny Face begged for  mercy and forgiveness from his baby mama and her parents over the derogatory words he used against them when the issue popped up online.

Knowing well he’s made a big mistake, Funny Face stated that he is ready to accept all blame and faults of the family, thus ready to carry the cross of public backlash and insults.

The twins’ father further indicated that it is because of the twin baby girls that have made him apologize and come back for them.

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He loved them so much; he said, “Let’s build the family, even though we are angry at each other, the beautiful kids don’t deserve this,” a part of his post reads.

Reacting to this, a section of Ghanaians feel his apology wasn’t enough and has to compensate his baby mama with a brand new car and build a three bedroom house for his in-laws.

Read some of the comments from his fans below;

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