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Blogger Alleges Kuami Eugene Used Economy But Posed In Business Class On Recent Flight

Except for the individual who snapped the shot, Kuami Eugene is seen sitting innocently in the plane with no one around him. He struck a relaxed stance with his wine glass in the air and a pillow on his lap.

However, Kuami Eugene has got himself into controversy when a lady took the effort to expose him by detailing how he shot the great photo.

According to the lady identified as @maamesenkyireboateng, Kuami Eugene flew economy but when everyone got off the plane, he went to Business Class to take photos so he could brag on social media.

Following such a disclosure, Kuami Eugene is currently being ridiculed by social media users.

In a related development, Kuami Eugene  has lashed out at his former label mate, Mzvee after the latter threw some jabs at him.

While Mzvee was with Lynx, Kuami Eugene confessed that he wrote the majority of the popular songs she is known for.

Eugene has consequently requested that Mzvee respect his name and express gratitude for the assistance he has provided her during her career.

The singer was reacting to a recent interview in which Mzvee made a jab at him. Mzvee previously stated that comparing Kuami Eugene to herself is inappropriate.

As a solo artist with no label, she claims to do everything by herself. She asserted, however, that at Lynx Entertainment, everything is taken care of for kuami Eugene.


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