(+VIDEO) A Lot Of Women Are Mad Because They Found Out About Their Cheating Husbands

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The female translator of Reverend Obofour has sparked controversy  in a new video following some criticism she received after she translated what the man of God said about cheating men and how they should keep it quiet.

In a self-recorded video, the young women who appeared angry, went on an attacking spree on all the critics who said she was supporting Obofour’s comments about marriage and how married men should cheat on their wives.

According to her, a lady by name Honam Sardine on Facebook, posted a video and was talking about the fact that Obofour’s translator was happy about the comments made about the pastor in respect to cheating in marriage.

Few days ago, Rev Obofour of APC church sparked controversy on social media after a viral video of him advising men to cheat on their spouses popped up online. He was bashed by netizens for promoting cheating in marriage.

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Watch full video below;

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