Villandro welcomes all to special ‘Zonin Prosecco Buffet Night’ this Friday

The Villandro Residence at East Legon is partnering with Zonin Proseccos this Friday for a special buffet night.

The ‘Zonin Prosecco Buffet Night’ will come off from 6 PM like the Villandro Residence’s other Friday night buffets, which have been running for about a month.

The buffet has starters like warm bread and beef terrine as well as entrèes like beef ragout, tender lamb cubes, potato gratin, herbed gizzard among others.

Sliced fruits and crème caramel will also be available as deserts.

The icing on the cake for patrons will be a free glass of Zonin Prosecco.

Its management is eying the middle class with its relatively affordable price range for the buffet.

The Villandro Residence will offer a serene ambience for relaxation ahead of the weekend as well as networking opportunities for professionals and the like.

About Zonin

When it comes to sparkling wine, Italy has perfected the craft and for nearly 200 years, ZONIN, since 1821 has established itself as one of the most important wine producers in the world.

Operating under the simple philosophy that, “each region has its own traditions, each region has its own wines,” ZONIN1821’s vineyards encompass nearly 5,000 acres throughout Italy’s finest wine regions and Barboursville Vineyards, Virginia, and produces wines that exhibit each unique quality specific to where each bottle is made.

Zonin Prosecco is made to celebrate life’s wonderful moments, no matter how big or small they are.

About Villandro

Located in one of the most contemporary places in East Legon near the tunnel, Villandro Residence is a nine-room boutique guest house with a large green luscious outdoor space for relaxation and events.

Its modern restaurant is served by very experienced French and English trained chefs who offer variety of sumptuous continental and local dishes.


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