Please pick up your calls; I’m praying for you- Afia Pokua to Funny Face

Afia Pokua Funny Face

Afia Pokua has extended a hand of support to the troubled Funny Face and said that she is praying for him as a sister would.

In an Instagram post, the host of the political show Egyaso Gyaso on Okay 101.7FM revealed that Funny Face was persistently avoiding her calls in spite of her several attempts to reach him.

Over the weekend, Kwaku Manu in a profound message to his friend and colleague asked Funny Face to seek help and try to stay strong even in his trying times.

Kwaku advised his friend, Funny Face, against taking his relationship issues to social media and asked those close to him to stop spurring him on in his quest to expose his baby mama and to get him help.

Apparently, Funny Face has been having suicidal thoughts as in his response to Kwaku Manu’s advice to him, which almost seemed like a death note, he asked his fellow comic actor to take care of his twins whilst he’s away.

The Kasoa based comedian wrote in his post, ”I will never be angry with u bro I love u Kwaku ???????? bro am in pains … ask abt VANNESSA at pataaaase and they will tell u zz Kwaku I even sold my soul for dis girl and Kwaku see how she has ended my life… Kwaku I want to die … but know dat I love you and u were real with me .. when I was alive .. take care of my girls .. Kwaku I love u and for life is for life .. see u at da other side zzz “ Gye Nyame “ ???????????? @kwakumanubob.”


Funny Face's response to Kwaku Manu
Funny Face’s response to Kwaku Manu


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After Kwaku’s message to Funny Face, the latter, in a video, affirmed his love for the Kumawood actor stating that he would never disrespect him.

Nonetheless, Afia Pokua famously known in the media fraternity as Vim Lady has also shown the all gloomy actor some love.

In an Instagram post, she begged the entertainer to answer her calls and reassured him of her love for him.

She told stories of their time together at Adom FM and encouraged him to stay strong and to not let the issues of life weigh him down.


Afia Pokua's message to Funny Face
Afia Pokua’s message to Funny Face

Funny Face is yet to respond to Vim Lady’s message and we hope that the comedian gets the help he needs to get back to being himself and to continue to put a smile on our faces.


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