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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Haven’t found your soulmate yet? Relax! it’s OKAY to be single and not ready to mingle!

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1. Relax! it’s OKAY to be single and not ready to mingle!

It’s perfectly fine and normal to be single. Until and unless it doesn’t bother you, it shouldn’t matter at all. Being in a relationship is also a good thing, as far as you are happy. However, it might start feeling like a problem, if you start listening to people’s comments on your relationship status or get into a relationship even if you’re not ready. Being in a relationship or being single are just two alternatives of how you want to spend your life. It’s your choice and that’s what matters in the end. To be single and not ready to mingle is a matter of choice. It has its own pros and is a great opportunity for you to grow as a human being.

2. Freedom to be you

Being single gives you the opportunity to maintain your personality and individuality. It gives you the freedom to take your own decisions in life without having to compromise at all. Relationships are beautiful, but once you commit to it, you have to think for both (you and your partner), and will have to compromise at a certain point of time. ‘Single’ is a status that binds you in no way.

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3. More time with friends and family

Not being in a relationship means more time not only for yourself, but also for your friends and family. In a relationship, you might feel obliged to be with your partner as you have made a commitment. This may lead to ignoring your friends and even lying to your family, even when you don’t want to. But you don’t have to worry about all these things if you’re single. You can invest it in any way.

4. Saved from any regrets and remorse

A lot of times, just because you fear being alone, you immediately get into a relationship after a break-up. This might give you a feeling of being wanted for a while but will lead to hatred and regret. Being single is therapeutic. This duration of being single is the only time that you realise the mistakes that you have made and how you can avoid them in the future.

5. You’re independent

The best part of being single is that you’re independent and self-reliant. Long-term relationships may unknowingly make a person very dependent on someone else. Being together all the time may make someone insecure about being alone. However, if you choose to remain single, you learn to be a self-dependent person.

6. More time to explore and find the best

During the time you’re single, you can explore and look into all the prospects of a relationship. Rather than hurrying into a relationship, you can wait and get a clue of what you really want. Relationship is not something you can just get into and not work towards. So it is always best to wait and find out what works best for you.

7. Know what you want in life

Never make relationships your goal. It can be a choice, but so is being single—a decision that you are entitled to. Just because all your friends or colleagues are in a relationship or getting married, doesn’t mean you must find someone too. The time that you are single, is the time when you can create the best version of yourself.


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