I’ve tracked where you live-Funny Face threatens to kill blogger who interviewed his baby mama

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Ghanaian comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng popularly known as Funny Face has threatened to kill the blogger who interviewed his baby Mama, Ama Vanessa.

Funny Face on Saturday 21st September 2020 revealed via a post on his Instagram page that he has tracked the blogger named Rashad, and he now knows where he lives. He added he will be going after him so he should protect his life.

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In a long post on his Instagram page, Funny Face wrote:

“GYE NYAME “ ?? Nobody knows what might happen to me tomorrow since I can’t lie .. I have been shattered destroyed and lied on .. for people to crucify me and end my career .. I have got 3 contracts cancelled so far .. hmmm zz what a woman ? Eigh Jesus .. herrrh .. u lie like dis on ur own children fada .. so people kill him .. when u and ur mother know all u saying is a lie .. Aoh herrrh “ sleeping with the Enemy paaa nieee “ [email protected] listen to da analysis of dis guy .. #Funnyfans pls help me spread da only video .. which as at now .. vindicates me .. Rashad of Ghpage !! Am coming for u soon .. and trust me .. you won’t like it ! I can die like dat watching my brand being destroyed.. u Rashad went to insult dis intelligent guy because he has exposed u .. Rashad .. Aswear ??? u go feel me soon .. don’t worry koraaa .. where u live and stay have been tracked .. I go deal with u nicely soon .. ? .. after am done with u .. we will see if u will ever join people to spoil somebody and when ur lies are exposed u go to threaten da guy ? .. am abt to do what am abt to do to you and disgrace u too publicly live on YouTube too .. u can’t fight a king loved by animals and children .. just wait ! Rashad when am done ? with u .. u will clap for me and say Wao what a great warrior .. it might not me loud to da hearing of people .. but u will say it! Maybe in ur mind ????? stilllllllllllllllll “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “

Funny Face threatens to kill blogger who interviewed his baby mama

Considering the fact that Funny Face owns a gun, sympathizers are calling on Rashad to report Funny Face to the police for threatening his life which he has promised to do.

Prior to this new threat, Funny Face threatened the life of the children of the blogger and revealed they will be knocked down by a car but deleted the post a few minutes later.

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Ever since Funny Face started insulting, accusing, and making wild allegations against Ama Vanessa, the baby mama who has given birth to two twin girls for him and is even pregnant for him again, the lady has never uttered a word.

It has been going on for 8 months until 17th November 2020 that she finally opened up in an interview with hosted by Rashad. She exposed Funny Face of all his lies in the interview.


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Realizing that all the months of lies have been exposed, Funny Face has now turned his attention to Rashad who hosted the interview and threatening his life.


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