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Hilarious video of man denying impregnating lady after sleeping with her for one night pops up

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A man has landed himself in hot waters for impregnating a woman, believed to be his girlfriend, after failing to control his libido and decided to call her up and have unprotected sex with her.

A hilarious video circulating on social media captures the embattled man vehemently denying impregnating the lady in question as he angrily narrates the matter to an unknown person on the other side of the call during a phone conversation.

Despite enjoying the Romeo and Juliet act with the lover, he believes strongly that he’s innocent of the accusation and not ready to claim any responsibility for the pregnancy.

According to the man, he only had sex with the lady once and he has since not touched her thereafter as she had refused to visit him again, arguing that no man can impregnate a woman during their first sexual encounter.

On the back of this, the man believes the lady has been sleeping with other men behind his back so there is no way he is responsible for her pregnancy.

He dared the lady to take him to court to prove that he is indeed the father of the embryo forming in the womb.

Watch the video below

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