Slay Queens Are Seen As Prostitutes, I’m Not One

Sista Afia has entreated people not to call her Slay Queen because they are now seen as prostitutes by Ghanaians.

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The singer produced the hit single, ‘Slay Queen’ and since then she has been tagged as one.

A slay queen is defined as a lady who consistently dresses well for popular events. However, slay queens are now seen as ladies who sleep around with men, according to Sista Afia.

“Please I only did a slay queen song but I’m not a slay queen myself,” the singer said when host Abeiku Santana asked her if she is still a slay queen.

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She continued that: “Now everybody is making slay queen look like an ashawo (prostitution) thing so I don’t even want to have that name on me even though I have sung about it before. I don’t want to have anything to do with it.”


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