Huge Donald Trump’s “Loser” Billboard Goes Viral In US » ™

A big billboard on a truck car has been spotted with Donald Trump’s picture with a bold “Loser” inscription written on it.

The U.S election isn’t officially over, but it may be on the streets.

Despite counting in some States still going on, with both candidates having the slim possibility of winning, a truck driver has been spotted on a highway carting a huge billboard that says ‘LOSER’ with the incumbent President’s face on there.

This is not surprising because it has been statistically predicted that Joe Biden is closer to the White House than Donald Trump who has filed cases against the election that it has been fraudulent in some States.

Video Below:



“I Won’t let My Boyfriend Into My Apartment Because He Didn’t Pay For The Rent” 😥 😥 👇 👇


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