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LA MÊME GANG return after a 2 year hiatus with 2 song offerings

of Thursday, 4 November 2021

Source: yfmghana.com


Ghanaian music group, La Meme GangGhanaian music group, La Meme Gang

After a long break, La Même Gang is back and is offering to their listeners, not 1 but 2 records.

The 1st is “GyeGye Me So”, a phrase in their local language Twi, which is loosely translated as “Indulge me”.

On this record, RJZ, Darkovibes & $pacely each deliver reassuring orations with intense desire for their love interests.

According to RJZ, the record sets to parallel feels from the 90’s R&B group, Boys 2 Men. He said, “When I first heard the beat, I thought of Boys 2 Men, but I can’t sing as well as they do, so I had to make it easy for myself and make it my own”.

The 2nd offering “Bo Nsam”, also titled in Twi (the most widely spoken language in Ghana) is an uber La Même Gang song.

Braggadocio rap, laced with metaphors & crowd chanting chorus with hints of real-life facts only linksters can affirm.

You will need knees as strong as Megan Thee Stallion’s to twerk to this one non-stop.

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