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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Stop Hoping They’d Bring You Flowers And Plant Your Own

Actress Nadia Buari has dished out a piece of priceless advise to those who depend on others for their happiness asking them to stop hoping that someone will bring them flowers and plant their own.

Nadia Buari advice, encourages,and cautions most of the times whenever she posts her photos and today she decided to address those who have been depending on others to make them happy or bring some sort of happiness into their lives asking them to plant their own flowers rather than hoping someone will bring them some.

According to Nadia Buari, happiness starts with you the individual and not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money and certainly not with your circumstances but with you as an individual and you alone hold the key to your happiness.

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Nadia Buari has made us understand that the people around you, your money, or even your job or something else can never give you happiness except you the individual make up your mind to make yourself happy hence you should stop hoping that some one or people will bring you flowers and plant your own.

Making yourself happy and not depending on others to make you happy guarantee the fact that no one can take that happiness away from you but the moment you depend on others to make you happy then you have to know that they can take it away from you any time they want one way or the other.

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