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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Don’t Impose LGBTQI+ On Ghanaians

Ghanaian high-life artiste Kwaw Kese has shared his opinion on the ongoing saga on the debate on LGBTQ issues.

Kwaw Kese has expressed shock at the sudden rise in the members of the LGBTQI+ and how they are pushing their agenda. According to the artist, the gay community is trying to impose their lifestyle on society as a whole.

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Speaking on the Entertainment Segment of TV3 New Day, Kwaw stated that those practicing same-sex marriage should live their lives but should not impose it on us.

“This thing has been there when we were growing up we heard and knew people who behaved like women (Kojo Besia). The problem I have now is they are trying to impose it on us. You can be whoever you want to be, but be that in peace.”

“It is your right to do it in peace. But if you bring it into our faces, I think that is not Ghanaian… Maybe my family member might be straight, but seeing what people are doing, they might go and try it”.

Kwaw Kese stated that he has friends who are gays abroad but he does not judge them because it’s their lifestyle they chose. He stated that the gay community should not impose it on Ghanaians.

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The parliamentarians should not even waste time to be thinking about a bill to be passed. This thing has been there. Whether we like it or not, it’s there. Now they want their right to be protected, and that is why these politicians also want to pass a bill” he added.

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