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Xandy Kamel Pours Fire On Her Husband’s Ex For Claiming He’s Chopping Her

Actress Xandy Kamel has poured fire on one lady who happens to be the ex of her husband for claiming that he has been chopping her and begging her to come back to him.

Xandy Kamel for a few days now has been giving warnings to a particular lady not to push her to the wall if not she will spit things out for the lady and the man involved to know that she has been covering up their sh!t all this while.

It seems Xandy Karmel has been finally pushed to the wall by this lady and probably her husband as she has poured fire on them telling the lady to ask the man she claims to be chopping now if any of her exes have ever approached her.

According to candy Kamel, she also has exes who can do exactly or more than what the lady is claiming to be doing with her husband but her exes are intelligent that they won’t bring themselves so low to that level at all.

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The whole issue is not clear but from what we gathered in the video, it appears either the husband of Xandy Kamel is cheating on her or his ex-girlfriend is making things unbearable for Xandy in the marriage and that is the reason for this outburst.

Xandy Kamel already gave a heads up with what she will do if pushed to the wall and knowing the kind of person she is, there’s no way she’s going to tolerate any nonsense from anyone until she’s done or decides to end what she started.

video below;

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