Internet is defeated as tweeps try to locate bath in 3D tour of home listing

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published56m ago

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We love ourselves a little riddle, especially if it involves a game of I spy. But this time even we were stumped at this one, and so was the rest of the internet.

Tweeps were left dumbfounded when a real estate listing went viral after it was shared to social media with a simple question: Can you find the tub?

It’s a simple enough question. Every home has a kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom, right?

But this was no normal house.

The listing in Kentucky in the US, appears as normal, with a description of the three-bedroom, four-bathroom, 965-square-metre house, which is on the market for $375 000 (about R6m), Fox News reported.

“Church, School, Daycare, Home business, this home has been it all. This unique home is just what you are looking for,” the listing reads.

When users took a 3D tour of the home, that’s when things got confusing.

The post, which was originally shared by @jennyjaffe, had Twitter users challenging one another to take the tour and find the bath.

What many found confusing is that the home has two side-by-side toilets, several storage rooms – but no bath.

One user even went as far as drawing out the home’s floor plan, but without much luck of finding the mystery bath.

The homeowner, Troy Curtis, told Fox News said he decided to keep the 3D tour up, even after the response, because he runs an eBay business and hopes the attention will lead to more sales.


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