Alcohol destroys the body – Adu Safowaa supports FDA ban

Adu Safowaa

Television presenter, actress and ‘daughter’ of Dr Kwaku Oteng, Adu Safowaa, has taken shots at celebrities who are crying over the ban of the Food and Drugs Authority-FDA on celebs endorsing alcohol.

Speaking in an interview whiles on Class FM the former Adonko brand influencer said alcohol is bad for the body and thus it’s good that celebrities cannot use their considerable influence to get people into drinking.

Adu Safowaa per her take on the subject is in favour of the ban on her colleague celebs. She said;

“If somebody knows Adu Safowaah and what I stand for, buying this alcohol or bitters’ because people know her, they will follow and it’s worse when people get addicted to alcohol.

So, I buy into the FDA saying: ‘Let’s ban them because you have an influence on people’…and we know what alcohol can do to a human being.”

In recent times some Ghanaian Celebrities have taken on the FDA and the Ghana Gaming Commission following their ban on them[Celebrities] from signing ambassadorial deals or use them for advertisements.

Per the new standard, it is prohibited for people with huge social media following to be engaged with the aim of encouraging people to bet or drink Alcohol. Wendy Shay, D-Black, Lilwin etc have all speak against it.


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