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Sammi Awuku did not approve thermal paper roll contract – NLA

Sammi Awuku is the national organiser of the NPPSammi Awuku is the national organiser of the NPP

The Management of the National Lottery Authority held a crunch meeting Monday, October 25, following the raiding of its premises by operatives of National Security.

Starr News gathered that the security personnel were following up on intel about issues with procurement, supply, and handling of NLA’s security thermal paper rolls.

The spokesperson for NLA, Goodfellow Dei-Ofei, told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr “a certain truck which made its way through the Aflao border indicated that they were going to get some suppliers done for the NLA, and so they basically have to follow up, because that they didn’t pay the needed duties and all the statutory payment they needed to do, to find out what the situation was.”

He added that “in fact, the Director-General if you look at the period that the said contract was signed, Mr Samuel Awuku wasn’t in office. Mr Samuel Awuku assumed office in the first week of August. This morning, he requested that a team who were there before he assumed office should give him a full brief of the matter.

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So, currently, they are in a meeting briefing with the Director-General, so I am sure with some time given, we will be able to get the full fact of the matter. Who signed it, where it was signed and the papers circulating, what the contractors’ duties are, and who and who authorised the payment to the company?”

“On Friday, when this whole matter broke up, the circumstances that brought up the matter was that the said supplier through the courier didn’t pay the needed fees because they were coming from Nigeria. Apparently, with some of the bits and pieces of the information that I have gotten, the printing was done in Nigeria, so they came through the Aflao border, and they didn’t pay the duty component of it.”

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