Nadia Buari’s Daughter Turns Photographer As She Teaches Her Mom How To Pose For The Camera- Watch » ™

Nadia Buari and her daughter just injected loads of vivacity onto the internet space which has otherwise been saturated with EndSars lamentations and solidarity messages across the world.

The beautiful Ghanaian actress has proved to be the most discreet actress ever as she always shields her private life from the public, which is why she was able to have four kids within a span of four years without the googled eyes of the media and general public knowing anything about it.

And to this day, no one has seen the face of her four kids, including their father. In this beautiful video she shared where she is seen having fun with the daughter who was taking shots of her on her phone, Nadia did not show the face of the daughter this time around too.

The obviously beautiful little girl asked her mom to pose in different angles so she could take photos of her and the product of their rapport has warmed our ears.


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