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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Is This DopeNation’s Style To Be ‘Relevant’ After Missing In Action For A While Now?

It’s been a while since we heard from the music group DopeNation and a post sighted online makes us wonder if this is their new strategy to be relevant for a while.

DopeNation has given us some hits songs that are still fire today but it’s been a while they gave their fans and music lovers something to enjoy and these fans have taken to social media to call them out but we believe it’s staged and one of their strategies.

Some fans of theirs were with placards asking them to drop a new song and that they are tired of the singles and want an album with some other things and we think it’s all staged either to be relevant for a while or they want to whet the appetite of their fans.

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It could be that they are teasing their fans and music lovers preparing them for their new song or album hence decided to share some placards to get us confused and start wondering and talking about them until they release their song or album.

Most musicians do a lot of publicity and teasing before dropping a song or an album and we think this is the style of DopeNation to get us talking and eager to know what’s next with them when it comes to music as we’ve seen them with a couple of artists.

post below;

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