I know I don’t respect – A Plus admits

Kwame A Plus

Ghanaian political and social activist, Kwame Asare Obeng, widely known as A Plus, has admitted that he is not respectful.

Speaking in an interview on Neat FM, the outspoken musician and leader of The People’s Project (TPP) emphasized that he is disrespectful to politicians and leaders who fail to do what is required of them.

A Plus stated that there is no way he will bow and worship politicians who are living luxurious lives while the ordinary Ghanaian suffers.

He mentioned how some women are laid on the bare floor during childbirth.

Until some basic things are fixed, A Plus said he will continue to be who he is without being a bootlicker to any politician.

To him, these politicians do not deserve to be called honourable (s) if they cannot serve Ghana well.

He indicated that people who respect others are tagged as fools in this country.


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