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Meet Jessica Opare Saforo; the voice behind MTN’s popular voicemails » ™

Jessica Opare-Saforo is the voice behind  MTN’s popular voicemails.

You may have probably heard the voicemails like: “You have one minute remaining” and “The MTN number you are calling is currently switched off.”

Yes, that’s Jessica Opare-Saforo.


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Jessica Opare Saforo is a Ghanaian broadcast journalist who works with Omni Media owners of Citi FM and Citi TV but the other side about her is her exceptional motorbike riding skills that she proudly flaunts on social media.

With safety been her utmost concern, Jess (as she is affectionately called) is usually seen riding her two-wheeled Kawasaki motorbike within Accra and its environs.

Well, Jessica is a professional voice-over artist, radio & television show host, YouTuber, fitness enthusiast and the programmes director of Citi FM and Citi TV.

With her refreshing voice echoing throw the waves in the afternoon on the Traffic Avenue show on Citi FM, many are drawn to her infectious smile and smooth, confident yet sizzling voice.

According to her, she started riding bikes just about two years ago albeit she already looks like a pro. Although she usually rides for the fun of it, Jessica belongs to an all-female clique called the ‘Biker Girls’, a group of professional women who are connected because they have a passion for riding. Clad in their safety attires and boots these ladies do not only ride but also support philanthropy.

Born in Accra, Jessica has over 20 years of experience in the media. She has transitioned from when she used to be plump and overweight to having a very healthy athletic body which came as a result of physical and dietary discipline and constant gym visits.

She has a great voice, a good sense of humour but tries to live a very private life although she has a huge following on social media. You will definitely stay glued to her YouTube channel and Citi FM if you should listen to her.

Oh lest I forget, I hope you’ve heard the voice that always says “The MTN number you are calling is currently switched off please try later”….well well well that’s Jessica Opare Saforo.

Jessica is an accomplished lady however she is still unmarried. Her social media handles are as follows:

  1. Facebook: @jessicacitifm
  2. Twitter: @jessicacitifm
  3. Instagram: @jessicaosgh
  4. YouTube: Jessica OS

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