Even in my next life, I will still be an actor – Akrobeto speaks about passion


Popular Ghanaian actor, Akwasi Boadi, widely known in the world of showbiz as Akrobeto, has stated that his love for acting knows no bounds and he is likely to be an actor in his next life.

Speaking in an interview on Kantanka TV, the actor and television presenter, who has starred in many local movies, said there is no way he will choose any other job over acting.

He indicated that even a job such as a being Member of Parliament or an opportunity to even be Ghana’s president won’t convince him to stop acting.


“There is no other job in this country that I will do apart from acting because it pays a lot, not even the presidency or being a Member of Parliament,” he noted.

According to him, the acting work pays him well and the fame has also been a bonus to what he enjoys doing.

“Even if I die and come back, I will still go back to movies. Today, I can go everywhere in the world because of the fame I have,” he further stated.


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