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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Afia Schwarzenegger Descends On Funny Face For Insulting Fadda Dickson And His Mother

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has come to fight for Fadda Dickson as she descends heavily on Funny Face for insulting him and his mother after all he’s done for him.

Funny Face because of his baby mama insulted the respected Fadda Dickson, his friend Adebayor, and Bola Ray for not supporting him and hurling all kinds of insult on Fadda Dickson claiming he refused to help him because of something his baby mama said to him.

Fadda Dickson replied to him making it clear that when he was helping and supporting him it wasn’t for others to see but because it’s from his heart and he wouldn’t allow ungrateful people like him to stop him from sharing.

Afia Schwarzenegger eventually puts her mouth in almost every drama online has taken it upon herself to fight for Fadda Dickson and has descended on Funny Face and his mother for insulting Fadda Dickson and mother.

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Afia Schwarzenegger in her video insulted Funny Face the same way he insulted Fadda Dickson and his mother asking him to stop being childish and grow up if not he will have her to contend with since we all know she’s actually mad more than him.

Afia Schwarzenegger warned Funny Face to desist from insulting Fadda Dickson and his innocent mother after she retaliated with an insult saying if he thinks he’s mad, he should know that she’s more than him.

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video below;

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