Lady who called Selly Galley barren and ugly begs her in latest video [Watch]

Henewaa Piesie

The infamous young lady who called Big Brother 8 contestant and wife of Praye Tiatia Selly Galley an ugly barren woman, Henewaa Piesie, has apologised.

It wasn’t my intention to hurt you and your family. I am really sorry for using such words on you. Find a place in your heart to forgive me @Selly Galley Fiawoo.

God willing next year you will give birth. Please help me reach Selly Galley, thank u [SIC] she typed on her Insta-story, she said.


Lady who named Selly Galley barren and ugly begs her

This was followed by another video where she asked Ghanaians to beg Miss Galley on her behalf.

Ghanaians, big men in the country, presenters, bloggers and DJs please forgive me. I didn’t mean it. All her fans and family members and all those I have commented bad under their post should please forgive me. I accept my mistake [SIC], she said in Twi.

Watch the video below:

After sharing a make-up free photo with her fans, Miss Galley had one user, henewaa_piesie2, calling her names for no reason.

Instead of paying compliments, the fan said she has a horror face depicting the fact that she needs to put on make-up to look beautiful.

Thinking this would be one of those comments that would slide by without cause, Miss Galley took her on by cursing her.

According to the Big Brother 8 contestant, she had blocked the young lady several times for posting similar comments, hence she could hardly comprehend why she would continue to do such a thing.


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