I Have 25 Kids From 25 Different Countries

UK-based Ghanaian Reggae/ Dancehall artiste, Sonniballi, has disclosed how he had 25 children from the 25 countries he visited.

Speaking in an interview with  Y97.9FM’s PM and DJ Edita on the Dryve of Your Lyfe, he revealed that at the moment, he is very happily married and has twenty-five biological children.

“I have 25 kids. Every country I’ve been to, I have a baby there. I’m going Abraham levels”, he said.

Speaking about the different responses he gets from his music in Ghana and UK, he stated that  in terms of technology, there is more advancement as compared to the technological aspect of music in Ghana.

“When you look at the fact that the music that is being made back home has reached the whole world, then you can tell that it’s actually happening. The world is listening to Africa at the moment”. He added.

Commenting on the challenges he faced during the early days of his career in Ghana, Sonniballi confessed that it was a bit of a power struggle because at the time.

This according to him was because Ghanaians were not really into his type of music but eventually, it has picked up and he can now see that even his grandparents are jamming to the Ghanaian Reggae/ Dancehall.


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