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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill: Why are MPs bothered about being denied visas?

Actress Lydia Forson is seeking answers over why Members of Parliament are angry that some colleagues have been denied visas by some western embassies.

She contends that in her mind, the MPs were not interested in traveling to those countries given their stance on issues of rights for people in same-sex relationships.

Her October 15, 2021, post on Twitter went further to call out persons who cited religion as the basis for their support of the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill currently before Parliament.

“Why are our MP’s bothered about being denied visas? I thought they didn’t care about traveling to these countries? It’s the same way I’m confused about some of you on social media platforms owned by atheist.

“Or you understand tolerance when it’s beneficial to you?” her post added.

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Tamale Central MP Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini confirmed this week that he had been denied a visa by the Netherlands Embassy in Accra.

Despite being a lead promoter of the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill, he says he did not want to immediately conclude that the denial was related to his advocacy on the specific issue.

He, however, rejected the official reasons given to him which included that there was the likelihood that he will not return to the country.

Asawase MP, Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, has threatened that Ghanaians will go as far as force the closure of these Embassies if they continue to use the issuance of visas as a measure to threaten MPs against same-sex relations in the country.

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