You’re all shameless, Your generation is the weakest link – Cab driver says young #EndSARS protesters are criminals who deserve to be killed for having tattoos (video)

The Clash of two generations is currently the talk of social media.

A young lady clashed with a cab driver and his friends after the driver said end SARS protesters deserve to be killed for having tattoos.

In a video shared online, the cab driver and his friends are seen insulting a woman whose voice can be heard in the background.

The lady slammed the driver for his statement that Nigerian youths with tattoos are criminals who deserve to be killed and the driver hit back. They soon began insulting each other’s generations – the middle-aged vs the young.

Other older men joined the cab driver to insult the younger woman while telling her that most young people are criminals.

“You’re all the same thing… You’re all shameless,” the cab driver said of the younger generation and his friends agreed.

The woman said: “Your generation is the weakest link. Look at you people. You stole from the government, you got free education, you’re saying we should not protest… You think I belong to your generation of siddon look. Look at how you people destroyed Naija.”

The incident happened at Wuse zone 5 cab park in Abuja.


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