Gifty Anti looking all s3xy in ‘all-black’ photo

Gifty Anti

Multiple award-winning television show host, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, has left many of her fans and followers awestruck with a new photo and a touching message to go with it.

In a new photo of the seasoned journalist, madam Anti was seen standing in what looked like a plush dining room of a very nice glass-themed house.

She beamed with her usual infectious smile as she poses for the camera and was seen wearing a black tank top over a pair of black slacks.

Oheneyere Anti complimented her looks with a pair of trainers, a huge expensive-looking ring and some other accessories.


After posting the photo, she took time to give thanks to God and share the secret behind her success and resilience in life.

She captioned the photo: “WHEN GOD HAS GOT YOU!!! CRUSHING ON ME!!! Diaries of a Chief’s Wife (Oheneyere)….. The journey to 5 years (15th October. 2020)….. Keeping Fit and healthy, has been one of my weapons!! It’s been tough!! It’s been on and off with my healthy living lifestyle!!! But through it all, I didn’t lose Me!!! I am still here!!! Gifty Naana Afia Dansoa Anti (Abiam)… I am still here!!! Because I was a seed that had been nursed at the ‘Lord’s Garden’!!! And so germinating and flourishing was inevitable!! My journey, My confidence, My joy, My pride My achievements…. Are all rooted in my Super Crazy Faith in God.”

Many fans and followers of the TV star took to the comment section to shower accolades on her.


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