Being a tailor fetches me more money than acting – Elikem Kumordzie

Ghanaian actor cum tailor, Elikem Kumordzi | Photo: @elikemkumordzie/ Instagram

Actor Elikem Kumordzie has said that his decision to focus on his foremost passion – fashion – has brought in more revenue than acting.

Speaking on Joy Prime’s Opinions with Selly Gally, he said that although acting has its rewards, it is not as financially satisfying as his fashion career.

“The best thing I did was to think about finding myself a day job other than acting; a job that was going to bring me revenue.

“With the trends of acting and seeing how things were going, I wasn’t A+ or a top list actor where Nigeria will be calling me back and forth.”

He explained that acting was not as resourceful a career as he had hoped and “I felt like I could do more”, hence the decision to focus on fashion, something that “comes naturally” to him.


He revealed that being a fashion designer has afforded him the luxury to do a lot for himself including completing his own house as well as creating employment opportunities for others.

His comment comes months after he was picked on by other actors for advising talents to find a “day job” aside acting.

He told Selly Gally, host of the show, that months after that incident, some of his colleagues, who had misunderstood him, come to him seeking advice on how to grow a side business after being affected by Covid-19.

For him, Covid-19 has afforded him the opportunity to make money in spite of the challenges the pandemic has had on many businesses.

Starting by giving away about 500 facemasks, Elikem said he “must have sold and distributed up to maybe 50,000 pieces”, making masks for many companies including GHACEM.

“In this Covid era, people are making money, while people are complaining. You either go with the people who are complaining…or find a way to make money during Covid.”


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