Video of two female nurses wrestling at a hospital in London

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A video of two female nurses in a vicious brawl at a hospital in London has gotten netizens in shock.

The excerpt at the beginning shows the two nurses having a heated argument that later escalates into a fight to death.

Apparently these nurses are from Jamaica as they are heard speaking in patois and it is unbelievable the level of unprofessionalism they both showed in the video.

Upsetting about the whole brawl was the fact that a colleague nurse was at the scene capturing their fight on camera.

She was heard at the latter part of the video asking the nurse getting the better of the other in the fight to quit before they start spilling blood all over the hospital cafè.


One could hardly identity these ladies as nurses as they choke held each other in an altercation that could almost have led to the death of one of them.


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