Stonebwoy And Wife, Dr. Louisa ‘Tease’ Single Fans With Their Lovy Dovy Comments On Social Media » ™

The first BHIM Nation couple, Stonebwoy and Dr. Louisa have shown and proved they have one of the sweetest marriages ever, though things might not be rosery all the time.

Yesterday, Dr. Louisa shared a lovely photo of her in a BHIM wear, which generated a lot of comments as many fell in love with the photo.

The photo which was for promotional purposes turned out to be something else with the comments mostly praising Dr. Louisa with less talking about the BHIM wear.

Stonebwoy himself joined the comment train, as he went under the post passing a lovely but funny comment, asking Dr. Louisa to check her DM.

Dr. Louisa upon seeing the post also replied with a similar vibe, telling him she was going to think about it.

These two comments from Mr. and Mrs. Satekla got some fans jealous as they wished to have a relationship and marriage like theirs.

screenshot below;



“My friend told me she’s okay that her boyfriend has a sidehick when I told her my boyfriend was cheating on me—- what should I do?”👇 👇


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