“You can’t cheat nature” – Mzbel trolled after her 57yr-old look-alike photo popped up » ™

Songstress MzBel made an appearance on UTV’s United yesterday but things didn’t go the way she planned.

Thus, MzBel’s appearance on the show has become the talk of Ghana, especially among social media users.

Following discussions on social media, MzBel although put on make-up, but couldn’t deceive nature as age is fast catching up with her.

In the picture, one could see MzBel’s wrinkles despite the heavy make-up which might push one to conclude that she is about 57yr-old.

Ah well, see the picture below and tell us what you thin. More importantly, pay attention to her facial.


“My friend told me she’s okay that her boyfriend has a sidehick when I told her my boyfriend was cheating on me—- what should I do?”👇 👇


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