The Real Truth Behind The Ghanaian Pastor Who Shaves The Pubic Hair Of Female Members During Church Service REVEALED- Watch » ™

A viral video of a Ghanaian pastor who asks female congregants to take off their panties so he can shave their pubic hair in the full glare of other church members during a church service has surfaced online.

The video is buzzing all over the social medial landscape in our part of the world as people who have always raise legitimate doubts about the buffoonery of religion within the confines of Christianity got enough to talk about.

In the video, the obviously fake pastor told female members who were seeking a miracle that it was a divine direction’ from God to shave them which he backed up with bible verses from Leviticus. Well, upon an extensive investigation conducted by www.Ghbase,com we have come to the conclusion that this episode is not real but a comedy skit from a budding actor called Pastor Blinks.

If you visit his Youtube channel, you’ll notice similar videos like this all aimed to expose fake pastors. Yes- we are telling you that the video is not real, it was acted out to shed more light on the activities of fake pastors.

Watch the video;




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