Paeday Of R2Bees Get Fans ‘Angry’ As He Reveals Why His Much Anticipated Album Has Been Delayed » ™

Fans of R2Bees and Paeday, aka Omar Sterling, went haywire after he came out to reveal why his album had delayed.

The rapper who used to be classified as a ‘wack’ rapper, changed the mindset and perception of many after he released his first solo project which was pure rap.

After this statement by the rapper, many realized his verses and lines in most of the songs by R2Bees were commercial and not hardcore rap, hence giving him the accolade of being one of the best rappers in the country.

This made him gather his own fan base as a solo artist, as many have fallen in love with his music. Not long ago, the rapper announced he was going to release an album soon.

The announcement got fans excited, knowing they were going to hear another project of rhymes, poetry, rhythm, and some dope punchlines but sadly after waiting for a while the rapper announced and revealed why the album had delayed, which didn’t go down well too much for the fans.

According to the rapper the album had delayed because of perfection because he wants every sound to be perfect. Despite it being a tangible reason for the delay, the fans are refusing to buy it also claiming he is a human being so he can’t get everything perfect, and whether good or bad they are going to accept it.

Paeday took to his Instagram page to announce the reason behind the album delay saying, “The album delay bro. Perfection Dey worry me

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