Church of Pentecost Int’l holds welcome service for Ghanaian students in Norway


The Church of Pentecost International Norway has organised a welcome service for all Ghanaian students and other new international students within the Nordic country in Northern Europe.

The welcome service, which was held on September 25, 2021 via virtual for Masters students, was done in collaboration with the Inter Tertiary Institutions of the Pentecost Students and Associates (ITI-PENSA) District in Norway.

In a welcome address by Overseer Kwaku Peprah Adjei, the PENSA Travelling Secretary and National Youth Leader of the Church of Pentecost International, Norway said the service was aimed at reaching out to the new students to share the word of God with them and also to safeguard their welfare.

As a corporate church, Overseer Peprah Adjei said the service forms part of the church’s evangelism mechanism to increase its membership and also to ensure the students settle in Norwegian communities without difficulties.

In his address, the National Head of the Church of Pentecost International, Norway, Apostle Patrick Asante during the virtual service urged the students not to forsake God during their studies in abroad. He stressed on the importance of the students to seek the face of God while away from their native counties.

Apostle Asante urged the students to desist from imitating the lifestyle of the ‘worldly’ people but must rather live-in modesty in accordance with the Bible principles.

He charged them to ensure their dreams and aspirations in Norway will become a reality by adopting “Daniel and his Associates” methodology as stipulated in the Bible at Daniel Chapter 1 to the end to ensure a success.

Apostle Patrick Asante, who was the Special Guest, admonished the students to take their studies serious despite any challenge they may encounter through their all endeavors and solely depend on God to ensure victory.

He, therefore, emphasised on the need for the students who may face challenges to reach out to the leadership of the church for assistance.

The man of God added that the church will continue to provide assistance to the students and members within the youthful population through seminars, workshops, counselling, joint evangelistic crusades to win more souls for Christ.


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