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Monday, November 29, 2021

Nollywood Ghana Chapter inducts national executives

Executives of the newly formed Nollywood Ghana Chapter (NGC) were on Friday, October 8, 2021, inducted into office in Accra, Ghana’s capital.

The association which is the first of its kind by filmmakers, producers, and directors in the diaspora will serve as the umbrella body creatives in Ghana. The association is affiliated with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN), and Producers Guild of Nigeria (PGN).

Amongst the dignitaries were the Secretary-General of Nigerians in Diaspora (NIDCOM), Dr. Sule Yakubu Bassey; representative of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, Victor Akwa; Public Relation Office and President of the Nigeria Media Association Ghana (NMAG), Chief Akintola Bolanle; veteran actor representing the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Harry B Anyanwu; Barrister Nwosu and members of the association.

The inducted executives are President, Destiny Augustine Omon; Vice President, Sunshine Olawore; General Secretary/financial Secretary, Alexander Chima; Apostle Destiny David; Head of Task Force, Mr John and Public Relations Officer, Onoreode Young.

Speaking after his inauguration, President of the association, Destiny Omon said: “We Intend to use this power for positive change in the society.”

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Nollywood has a critical role in influencing culture, defining national character and promoting national identity. You are therefore a very potent force for encouraging national fraternity and building the bridges of national unity that Nigeria desperately needs at the moment.

Your diaspora chapters are therefore a very welcome arm of the Nigerians in the Diaspora Initiative. Your films do create mutual understanding, harmonious co-existence and peaceful society where social and economic activities do thrive. You age there to fire a catalyst for national integration and development.


The Secretary General Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, His Excellency The Nigerian High Commission. The UN resident coordinator Ghana, The President of Directors Guild of Nigeria, Secretary General of Producers Association of Nigeria.

Representative of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Heads of Nigerian Communities in Ghana, The President traders union Ghana,Bank Directors, His royal Majesty, Eze Ndi Igbo Na Ghana, Nigeria Media Association and other Media Houses Represented.

Members Of Nollywood Ghana Chapter, every other protocols dully observed.

Nollywood Ghana Chapter is an affiliate of the three major guilds back home, the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Association of movie producers and Directors Guild Nigeria .

NGC was founded in January of 2021, we officially registered the Association on the 8th of August 2021. Nollywood is a brain child of necessity, Nigerian film makers in Ghana found themselves stranded in between two nations without belonging to any. As such the filmmaker is neither protected by Nollywood or Ghallywood .

The executives have been selected from all the Nigerian communities. South South communities has the president, Yoruba community, Vice President, Igbo community, General Secretary/Financial secretary and Arewa community has the welfare officer .

Actors were not able to secure jobs. Producers who come here to work faced several challenges. We had to eat crumbs falling off the tables of local film makers for many years, like the prodigal son, we had to return to our father because been a servant in Nollywood is higher than been a king in other Industry.

Nollywood is the second biggest industry in the whole world and Nigerian’s second biggest export.

We understand the power in our hands as film makers, we Intend to use this power for positive

change in the society.

Let me quickly say that we are not here to compete with the locals, we are here to join forces with Ghallywood in taking over the world.

This is visible in the first project produced by an NGC member from NIDOCOM, (Across The Border) where crew and cast had 50% representation from Ghallywood and NGC.

In this tenor of office, we intend to build a Nollywood secretariat that will consist of a complete movie studio and cinema hall , Altra Morden filming equipments and a 24 seater bus to help young producers make their stories.

This can only happen with the support of every one here, on this note we will like to appeal for a piece of land anywhere in Accra .

Recently we created a distribution arm that attracted the likes of Zylofon Media, a big name in the industry. The film Across The Border and Ogbozo became the first to enjoy this package.

We met with UBA bank and we are in discussion with other investors to get more companies to invest in Nigerian filmmakers in Ghana.

We appeal for support from corporate Nigerians, traders and every Nigerian to support this new golden baby to grow to greater heights.

I want to thank the Nigerian High commission Ghana for being the blocks in which the foundation of NGC was laid. I want to thank Madam Esther Arewa, Mr Sylvanus Dauda, and all members of the Nigeria High Commission, Madam Abike Dabiri who is unavoidably absent due to national assignment.

His Royal Majesty Eze Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, General Tony Duncan who came to our rescue financially to make this program possible.

Mr chukwuemaka Levi (Nutag President). My big appreciation to Mr Blessing Agofore who made everything possible for us in Lagos.

Mr Emeka Rollas President AGN

Mr. Victor Okhai President DGN

Madam Peace Bassy President AMP.

All executives and members of NGC.

Above all we take the government people of Ghana for allowing us live on their soil. God bless NGC, God Bless Ghana, God bless Nigeria.

My name is Destiny Austine Omon, I am a Nigerian.

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