Eggplant thief beaten to death as mob justice surges in Malawi

By Molaole Montsho 1h ago

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Malawi witnesses a spate of mob justice deaths as angry people take the law into their own hands over various incidents of theft

Rustenburg – A man was beaten to death for allegedly stealing eggplants and another was burnt to death for allegedly stealing a bicycle in Malawi, according to local media reports.

News website Malawi24, reported that an angry mob allegedly beat Samson Malitinyo, 22, of Chideya village, traditional authority Juma in Mulanje to death, accused him of stealing eggplants.

Police spokesperson in Mulanje Sub Inspector Gresham Ngwira, told the publication that during the night of October 6 to 7, Malitinyo allegedly went to a certain garden to steal eggplants. While there, some people caught him and beat him to death.

According to the publication his death followed few days after two men were killed for allegedly stealing pigs at Maning’a village onthe night of October 3.

Harry Square, 44 and James Yohane, 45, allegedly went to the village to steal pigs. When the owner noticed them, he shouted for help and people chased them, beat them to death and set them on fire.

Privately owned radio station Zodiak Broadcasting reported on its online version that a man suspected of stealing a bicycle was beaten to death and his body set on fire in Mangochi on Wednesday.

The man and his accomplices broke into the house of Agnes William, at Nikisi Village and made off with a bicycle worth K50, 000 (just over R1 000).

When the owner realised her house had been invaded, she called for help, prompting the community to wake up and search for the suspects who vanished into the bush.

One of the men was caught and beaten to death before his body was set alight.

Malawi24 further reported that a man who was newly released from prison was beaten to death accused of stealing a goat.

He allegedly stole the goat on the night of September 28 and sold the goat to another man.

When the owner found his goat, the man informed him that he had bought it from the accused.

He was brought before the village headman but, the headman recommended that he be taken to the police, on the way to the police station, an angry crowd stoned him to death.

He was killed on October 3 at Mpombe village.

African News Agency (ANA)


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