I was addicted to smoking until I met mysterious woman- Abeiku Santana

Abeiku Santana

Abeiku Santana has revealed how he was able to overcome his addiction to alcohol and alcohol after he met his wife.

The host of the Ekwanso Dwoodwoo on Okay FM disclosed that he had a strong addiction to smoking and alcohol at a point in his life.

Abeiku narrated that at a stage in his life when his career as a media personality had shaped up back in Kumasi and he was famous, he was abusing alcohol and chain smoking.

According to him, he was able to overcome his cigarette addiction and alcoholism after he met a mysterious woman who later became his wife.

He is quoted as saying, ” I used to smoke very much. So one day, I had finished my show on Ash FM. After the show, I moved downstairs to take some Apio while I was smoking my cigarette. I saw this fair lady who used to pass by so I asked that they call her for me because I couldn’t have gone to chase a lady and be snubbed because I was a celebrity. She came to where I was enjoying my drink and cigarette and I told her I like her but It didn’t work.”

The host of the famous ATUU Show on UTV added that upon being denied he had to go back and reorganize and approach her once again and this time it worked.

He commended his wife’s role in ensuring that he had to drop his addiction because he wanted to be with her.

The seasoned broadcast journalist explained that upon getting together they got separated but met up again along the way and got married.

Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana is married to the beautiful Genevieve Benyiwah Aggrey and shared pictures of their nuptial ceremony in celebration of their 7th wedding anniversary a week ago.

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