Patapaa’s girlfriend releases photos with another man

Patapaa Amisty

Patapaa’s white girlfriend, Liha Miller, has caused a stir with a photo she shared with another man.

Liha was captured having a quality time with the young man he described as his best friend. The young man had his hand over her shoulders pointing toward her chest area, while Liha rested her hand on his thigh.

Fans have reacted to the photo with the majority of them fearing that Liha might have left Patapaa for the new guy. Ebony, for instance, asked what about Patapaa:

Blackebonygirl: “What about patapaa?”

Angee said the photos are going to make Patapaa jealous: angeedzikunu: “You r going to make patapeezy jealous o.stop iiit.”

Source: Yen


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